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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Time for another update as I need to bring you all up to speed about the rest of the weekend.

As it was after a good night sleep saturday night I awoke to a wonderful morning lazing in bed with Paul on my birthday :-). How wonderful it was to just cuddle up on the start of the birthday with the most sexy man on earth (well i think he is so there!!).

Then its up fir a bit of breaky (unfortunately Paul isnt that good with doing fried eggs.) Then its lazing around after opening cards ( i got 3), and also oening the wonderful pressies that he got me for birthday :-). They were a fantastic Papa Lazarou T-Shirt, Comic book about the X-Men and the Dark Phoenix. And the day wasnt done there either, we sat down to watch Monster House, and half way through got bugged by my Ex who wished me a happy birthday before asking for computer help YET AGAIN! Cant even catch a break on my birthday from this guy.

Then into the evening and Paul asks if i wanted to come with him for a meeting he has to have with Kay, one of the people who he does drama with, anout his play. Normally this would be ok but i had my suspicions:

1. Its my birthday and i know that he would not intentionally do this on my birthday, no matter how urgent.
2. He makes an effort to get clkean and tidy and gel his hair!

I wonder where this leads to exactly but thinks its just my suspicious nature as we do actually call around Kay's house. But I was right and was surprised by a small surprise party with Kay and family. It was very sweet and wonderful of all of them and have to commend Paul that he hadnt let on before hand. If you knew Paul you would know how crap he normally is at keeping secrets for the most part (unless important!), thankfully he only had to wait since friday!!

After some wonderful food and coversation we headed back home for a nice relaxing night, at least I didnt have to get up early as i booked monday off.

Did sod all on monday, got up at 10, took 3 hours to come around and head off to town to spend my birthday money&gift voucher, bought My Name Is Earl, which is very funny.

Wish i got around to do more but was feeling rough on monday with a headache and slightly cold.

Never mind, at least I spent my birthday with a wonderful man!!

Catch you all later.


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