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Monday, October 02, 2006

And here we are, another week, and the same old thing!

Well had another exciting weekend (for the most part), and had some wonderful surprises (well i wasnt supposed to know but was difficult when asked what i wanted for my birthday!)

I was worried about Paul on friday, he had yet another migraine, wish there was something ii could do to take them away!

Was supposed to go out friday night but this was cancelled, but wasnt tol so ended up just wandering home to amuse myself till paul got home from rehersals.

Got the Xmen3 region 1 disc on friday, came with a special edition comic book from stan lee. Was cool. Now only if the DVD player that plays region 1 will stop playing up.

Saturday was a nice ly in before getting up for our weekend back in luton/balldock. Intended to go earlier but bed calls on the weekend! And we left around 1 (i think!) and forgoty to leave enough food for the cat overnight (its not as if he would starve to death mind you!). And the drive until the M1 was fine, no hickups at all, then the usual roadworks before luton!

Never mind, we get to Paul's mum's and had a nice chat, his brother also turned up. Then we popped into town to get a pressie for the wedding reception, and some grub (we didnt know if there was going to be food!). Then we left rather later to pick up Shelly and head off to reception, not that we ended up being late as it turns out. Was a rather ok affair, with some rather questionable speeches (well nothing too revealing, just rather bemusing!). At least we had a fun couple to chat to.

Then it was off to Mark R's for a nice evening before a good night sleep for collectormania! Got there and was surprised with a lovely birthday cake, as well as cards and presents.

They included the 2 latest discworld novels that just came out and which i was thinking of buying if noone else did (and yes i was asked if i wanted them first :-))

It was a lovely evening, and Marks parents are wonderful :-).

Mark,. Paul and I stayed up till almost 2am watching X Factor, its fun to see the ego's on there! But even after getting to bed, Paul and I could stiull not get to sleep peoperly, Paul was getting too hot and I was overtired i think!

Then at around 3.30, someone gets really horny asnd whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and asks if i can cum quietly if he was to take advantage!! Well never one to turn down an offer like that as we are both up for it, we try to be as quiet as possible considering Mark's parent are in the next room!

At least this gets us to sleep finally, but we end up getting up at 8.50 to get ready for collectormania. Sleep deprived and little chance of more sleep before next weekend!

Well Collectormania was a bust. Went there to see if can get the 'ships of the line' calendar, desktop calendar, and ships of the line book. There was absolutely sod all new stuff there!!! Not even anything terry pratchett wise either

Was well disappointed!!! Only thing i managed to buy was a willy wonka golden ticket replica from the movie for Paul. And thats it, was well disappointed, Paul was too.

Then we had a nice lunch, all 5 of us (Me, Paul, Mark R, Lyanne R, and her fiance Steve!). It was great and a good laugh. I love seeing Paul so happy.

Then at 3 it was time tyo bid farewell and head off to Swindon to see Rachel, the Emerald queen of the radio! She was great and had a wonderful card from her :-) was a funny fozzy bear on the front. Rachel is great fun, and down to earth too compared to others that you hear about on radio!

Then after a couplf of hours its a long trek home to relax and off to bed!


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