10 Things to do in a Q

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey ho! another day another dollar so they say! As much as I love this place, I hate talking to people on the phone, especially when they are so ungrateful after everything i try and do for them. Well never mind, someday after i get my other house sold off I willl look at something more challenging and has an end goal in sight!

Mt poor sweet Paul is still in a slight bit of agony still, and there is nothing I can do for him at the moment, if we knew what the effect of using Immac in certain regions would do then may have tried something else.

We cant wait for our holiday!!! 2 months to go, although I doubt ill loose any more weight, i seem to be stuck at just below 18 stone after a promising start!!

We watched American Dreamz last night, and was quite amusing with Hugh Grant doing a passable imitation of Simono Cowell, even if the rest of the film didnt set the world alight with laughs.

Well time to get on with work, catch you all later!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10 Things to do in a Q

Oh god, I ghorgot how to add blogs to this, well there is no surprise how much of a flid i can be, just ask Paul!

Wel well well, i suppose it had to happen to me too, my own blog space (although god knows what ill churn out on here as many people will tell you that its like drawing blood from a stone getting me to talk!

Anyway, after reading my beloved's blogs and his general ranting I thought i would try out my own :-)

As for the title! Well Paul may start grinning liek a Cheshire cat when he remembers what I am referring to, and it was one of the most memorable Big Brother Q's I hope he has been in ;-)

Am currently up to my neck in calls in work, love the place and the people, hate talking to customers!!! I would be better in one of those out of the way jobs with little or no customer contact! Its amazing how generally dumb most people are when they come on the phone to a company!!! Paul will back me up on this!

Thats it for now, will post more when have a quiet 5 minutes and actuially more thoughts to jot down (and not daydreams to divert me from general boredom!)