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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yay, just helped paul add some links into his blag, they now link to mine and a few other friends, arent you all lucky ;-)

Time for another update as I need to bring you all up to speed about the rest of the weekend.

As it was after a good night sleep saturday night I awoke to a wonderful morning lazing in bed with Paul on my birthday :-). How wonderful it was to just cuddle up on the start of the birthday with the most sexy man on earth (well i think he is so there!!).

Then its up fir a bit of breaky (unfortunately Paul isnt that good with doing fried eggs.) Then its lazing around after opening cards ( i got 3), and also oening the wonderful pressies that he got me for birthday :-). They were a fantastic Papa Lazarou T-Shirt, Comic book about the X-Men and the Dark Phoenix. And the day wasnt done there either, we sat down to watch Monster House, and half way through got bugged by my Ex who wished me a happy birthday before asking for computer help YET AGAIN! Cant even catch a break on my birthday from this guy.

Then into the evening and Paul asks if i wanted to come with him for a meeting he has to have with Kay, one of the people who he does drama with, anout his play. Normally this would be ok but i had my suspicions:

1. Its my birthday and i know that he would not intentionally do this on my birthday, no matter how urgent.
2. He makes an effort to get clkean and tidy and gel his hair!

I wonder where this leads to exactly but thinks its just my suspicious nature as we do actually call around Kay's house. But I was right and was surprised by a small surprise party with Kay and family. It was very sweet and wonderful of all of them and have to commend Paul that he hadnt let on before hand. If you knew Paul you would know how crap he normally is at keeping secrets for the most part (unless important!), thankfully he only had to wait since friday!!

After some wonderful food and coversation we headed back home for a nice relaxing night, at least I didnt have to get up early as i booked monday off.

Did sod all on monday, got up at 10, took 3 hours to come around and head off to town to spend my birthday money&gift voucher, bought My Name Is Earl, which is very funny.

Wish i got around to do more but was feeling rough on monday with a headache and slightly cold.

Never mind, at least I spent my birthday with a wonderful man!!

Catch you all later.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well after friday things could not get worse, and thankfully I was right, mostly in part to the most loving and gorgeous man alive! YEs my man Paul. Had to work saturday morning for 3 hours so met up after i finished, where was wandered through a sunny Cardiff centre, bought a pressie and went home via B&Q to get some DIY stuff.

Then spent several hours saturday afternoon/evening putting up 2 sets of speakers, 1 set to get Paul's hi-fi working so can play music when we feel liek it and also entertain guests. And got at least 1 of the 2 main speakers from my set attached to tv (need to get wiring set up for the second). Then we popped out to get a chinese from the local-ish area and some bits and pieces from Tesco for brekkie in the morning. My god there was a lot!!

Stuffed so stupid that didnt bother with the maltesers i bought for us.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening, we didnt watch much as i recall as i was occupied with putting up speakers with paul concentrating on using the internet!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

AM soooo in a bad mood now

Left early to try and get to the station for the 8.07. The bus that did come at 7.47 was the X and didnt go anywhere near the station, so ended up waiting till 8. Got to aber at 8.15 and getting off the bus i saw another B bus just behind (2 in 1 go). Then i get to the platform for the 8,22 to find its delay till 8.27. Then after a few minutes it changes till 8.30. Then to top it all off it never turns up and we wait for the 8.37, which doesnt turn up till 8,48!!!! Hence i started 20 minutes late this morning and will have to work back later today. I am not happy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just to clear a point, I like people visiting and staying over but not permanently, just so that you dont think that I dont like anyone at all coming over :-)

Thats it, i am now in a foul mood!!!

Just had some ungrateful complete prick of an IFA on the line whom nothing was good enough for.
And then there was a slight misunderstanding with Paul at about the same time, mainly my fault because i hadnt heard him properly the other night.

Thank the heavens that its a half day today, can get out of here and rescue my slight bit of sanity!!!

PAul, love him, has his heart in the right place but tends to let his caring streak run away with him. Our friend Richard has been 'seeing' someone who he says is just a casual affair, yet went nuts when couldnt get an answer from this guy on sunday and monday. Paul has come up with the idea that if this guy Craig needs to move out of parents then he could come down to stay with us and Richard can come see him here. Now we have only know Richard for a couple of months and we know nothing of this kid or even seen him. Now call me paranoid but i wouldnt have someone move in I dont know from Adam, who i have never met and dont know what they are like. I dont feel comfortable sharing a house with others, that is other than Paul, as I like my privacy and roaming around the house naked. I would feel too put out and would not feel like home. And god knows what this kid is like,, I aint paying to fill up the cupboards or clean up the house after him.

Maybe its just my cynical side but I like my own space and place.

Poor Paul is feeling down today as today is the birthday of his favourite grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. My heart is always with him and hope he will feel better later.

Hi all, would you believe that i have blogged in less that 24 hours, please, dont feint as i cant afford the bills.

Well whata start to the day, not too bad considering, nice and sunny etc. Yet the number of people calling in is ridiculous, and some are quite ungrateful sods as well, never mind, cant last forever, with any luck there will be some sort of culling in the general population at some point I am sure.

Onto other matters, I was just thinking of uniforms after emailing Paul. I said that due toi calls that I would soldier on, and an image of either of us in uniform sprung to mind, and what an image it was as well. And for anyone who knows Paul and I know that we are quite up for that sort of thing (well those who REALLY know us!).

Just having wonderful thoughts of me in either a police uniform (i do have a leather one), or a soldier uniform, or a couple of others. I know Paul would start dribbling if he started imagining me in the same things!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ok so i got bored with last template, decided it looked crap so went for this until in create one of my own, i wonder what i can do ????

We shal seeee mwhahahaha!!"!!

This is good I can use Color now

WISHLIST - well who wouldnt see what they want for Xmas?

Not too long till Xmas, YAY! I have a good few ideas for Paul for pressies (just need to start buying tham thats all!). But what to get me, well people are alwways wondering this so i though i would drop a few very/extremely unsubtle hints!)

Well as mentoined I love Discworld, so anything like the 2007 Diary/Calendar, The make you own Unseen University book will do. Death of rats if you can get him! Or even a book entitled 'Once More with Footnotes' (i dont know if its still in production!) would be fantastic as has a host of articles and short stories!

Well then onto my other area of love - star trek, well nothing much new has come out, but would love to get the 2007 desk calendar, and or ship of the line book (noty the 2007 calendar as will be getting this myself next weekend :-))

Other than that I cant think of much before our house gets rammed with more junk :-), but if you find a discworld poster then would go lovely with the Narnia one in our living room.


Well here we go, i think ive caught bloggeria! Cant seem to stop myself! Anyways I have slowly been building on my fascination with Terry Pratchets Discworld bit by bit. I have all the main novels (softback only, not keen on hardback for some reason!) and also some back catalogues of other stuff such as quizbooks, illustrated books and artwork, calendars and the diaries that came out between 1998 to 2003/4 (the only only one i am missing is the 200 diary but this is extremely rare and may cost a few quid!). I have really been getting into Discworld as its a slkightly twisted, magical version of stuff that goes on in our world, or twists on stories such as midsummers nights dream, or phantom of the opera! They are really amusing and funny. There is a rack of stuff coming out over next few months id love to get but will have to bide my time and money.

Would love to get the old Clarecraft figurines as well, but they are no longer produced so will probably have to get them off places like ebay, would die to get hold of the figurine of the discworld itself! but may not be able to find it.

I just love all the characters in the books and the sense of humour, its a lot like the humour i share with Paul which is always a good point, although we dont always share the love of the same films or series, but then again we are clones so thats cool!

Dont know where to find the space for all this even if i do get more, we have a 4 bedroom house and we barely have enough room for what we have :-)

Dont get too excited but this is my 3rd update today, arent you all lucky people (and no i aint paying your psychiatrist bills!!).

Well its now only 5 weeks and 3 days till we jet off to sunny florida for our once in a lifetime (well for me it is!) holiday to Disney and Universal. And will be going with the most wonderful, sexy, loving hunk of manhood known as Paul Robinson. Soo cant wait, get too excited just thinking of it (although Paul can always beat me on the overexcited stakes!)

Also in 2 years I will be making an honest man of him and marry him!!! (well as hoonest as you can make an overly horny and sexually active man!!)

Well after that last marathon of updating my blog, i though woul be best to do another smaller update to fill in more blanks.

As i said Paul had finally gotten home from his holiday to Spain (lucky sod) and looked absolutely beat. So its an evening of rest and relaxation and cheering him up. He did bring me a rather cute gift of some plastic castanettes (dunno if i spelt this right but sod it!).

Well after a nice relax we have our friend Richard freaking out as not heard from his new man (it was more than just casual despite what he let us believe! actions and words etc!). So it was time to try some calming talk from my man.

Still unsure what has happened exactly as Paul hasnt said exactly what went on, he has told me most of the detail and it does sound rather strange but i suppose the only person who does know exactly what happened is this bloke. Anyway we are hoping Richard will be fine as it was his first semi serious involvement after the split form the boyfriend sometime this last year or so. (i have no memory for details!)

Anyway, start of a new week and on Flexi shift (sounds better than what it is!) And am working this saturday morning on my birthday weekend (thank god i booked next monday off as would have less time off than a normal weeked!)
Maybe i can persuade Paul to come to town to meet me after work, or even saturday night and have a short time out on scene or sauna :-).

Well am still waiting for house to complete, probably be another fortnight anyway, but have the old mortgage peoiple and homeowner loan people moaning that have cancelled the Direct Debits, well i cant afford that much at moment so they will have to wait!!

My god i am getting worse, a week and no Blog. Someone strap me down and whip me (well I know Paul will jump at that offer!).

Cant say that much goes on wwith me to warrent that many updates unless my speial man and all our friends (yeah i do catch up with Roo's blog as well!).

Well i am not sure if i am insane or not, this is after reading the wierd dreams of both Paul's and Roo's blogs, i feel mostly sane after that! Although there are a few dreams that would really beat either of theirs! :-)

The one i had this morning was where we were being invaded by Daleks, and at first there was nothing I could do, but then I am not sure what happened but i developed telekenesis (cant spell by the way!) and was throwing Daleks around like nobody's business! It seems to start after I lost my temper. Try Psycho analysing that!!!

Anyway time for update. As for what i did last week since the weekend, god knows if i remeber it all as i am a boring sod!!! And fast developing my own form of alzheimers!!!

The most i Can tell you is that I spent 40 minutes last wednesday with my TM sitting next to me listening to my calls and I god 100% quality on each! Sweet! It all helps towards bonus every 6 months!!

Then Paul went away and left me for the weekend on friday morning. And he was late for the bus! Dont deny it, i sdaid was 645, or 6.50 at which time he was still emailing his 'boss'! Then he popped back at 6.58 to get the car to get away to meet his co workers!

So instead of getting back to bed as am awake by now, i decide to get up and ready for work. It was strange and slightly unnnearving having so much time alone over the weekend (as in No Paul turning up at any point!) It almost felt like he had left me and was on my own, but put that out of my head straight away!

Spent most of friday evening plundering through several episode of Battlestar Galactica season 2 DVD set. Saturday I spent first of all, after breakky, going down to the post office to collect 2 items that needed signatures, then onto Caerphilly itself to get a wedding card and gift for a friends whose wedding i was going to that night. I had a bus tickets with a buy 1 get 1 free on 6inch subs from Subway, how could i resist?? so walked up the hill to Subway, got the subs and travelled back down to get the bus home. Then after i got back spend a few hours tidying up the house and cleaning and catching up on the mountain of washing there was. Also gave the living room carpet a spray with this Vanish foam stuff, it did look cleaning afterwards but it needs a go with an industrial cleaner really!!!Then finally get to sit down and enjoy my subs.

Then its the getting ready part for the evening doo. Supposed to be picked up about 7 and then taxi from friends John to the park in some middle of nowhere toen for a family doo. Well i get a call just before 7 that John and partner have argued and its off so no lift, so end to evening. Then a call again at 7.12 which i missed to say its back on again and John turning up at door to collect me, at this point i have to change again as had changed out of evening clothes to relax.

Then its a rush to get back for taxi. Finally get the the hall.club at about 8.30ish. My god, its like the hick get together you try to forget. Social Hall, Karaoke with teh uncles who enjoy singing and you end up dying of embarrassment from!!

Well after 2 hours of boredom and hell, John and his partner decide maybe would be better to go clubbing in Cardiff, which i am not fussed on anyway but cant get worse than this. So at 10.30 we go outside to call a taxi on my mobile. When we come back in we see tha standard event at all Family gatherings where drink is involved! The Family Punchup!! Several people with fists flying and their wives/husband/significant or not others trying to seperate them. The shutters at the bar fly down, lights go up and people are hauled out, along withe the bride being shuffled out to help. Then the police arrive and seee that everything is ok.

We decide that now was the best time to go as they decide to open bar again after the fuss died down and start playing more cheesy music.

Anyway then its taxi back to cardiff and on to a pub then a club. Got chatted to and eyed up (apparently) and there was some talent, but nothing happed (even though Paul would love to hear otherwise!) Was on water as well as was soo thirsty after the lagers& limes I had at the Wedding doo. Finally left the club at 2 and home by 2.30. Its the latest ive been up for a while.

Then its sunday and am desperately counting down the time till paul gets home. He had a migraine the night before in his hotel room so was worried sick that he was ok. And thankfully he was back as safe as always :-D

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I said i was going to update later, well here it is, 2 days later! ah well, Paul will testify that I am not the most punctual of poeple sometimes unless its important.

Well as we last left it we were going to a nice Engagement party in sunny England, well Balldock actually. It wasnt the hastle we had of getting to the civil ceremony last month, nothing in the way of roadworks that was there or accidents! Thanks god, 7 hours for a 3 hour journey would do anyones nut in!

Any how, finally got to Marks parents house to meet up before heading on to the venue. Marks parents are lovely, easy to chat to and they are very welcoming. We would be staying in marks room while he sleeps off the night in the front/back bedroom!

The party was a nice affair although i knew precisely 5 other people besides paul, but the place was a bit of a pit. Dog crunchies on the floor and staff walking around with fags hanging out of their mouths!!!!! Red necks from USA would love the place! Well we lasted until around 10.30 as the smoke was getting to Paul (this from a cigar smoker!). Went back to Marks house and watched most of Rocky Horror on ITV3, lovely end to evening although I was almost disowned by Paul!
Anyway, we did get a decent night sleep (as far as i remember anyway!) Then sunday Mark made us some lovely toast after his mum made us tea. Then we bid a fond fairwell after watching the repeat of Xfactor from saturday (sad I know but hysterical!)

Then was on to meet a friend of ours called Richard who live in the centre of London (why i have no idea!). After a load of faffing around and following Pauls directions (and loosing the A10 somehow!) we finally got there much later than expected.
We had a nice meal there, not too much like I tend to do, and decent company.

Then after that it was a journey home via Swindon to check up on our friend Rachel who had a pretty bad day after splitting with boyfriend. We had to make sure she was ok and had our support. Rachel is wonderful, a friend of Pauls and works in radio (which is how Paul and Rachel met if i remember rightly!). And after making sure she was ok we then headed back home for a good night sleep ready for work.

Well that was our eventful weekend, how about you? :-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

My god, has it been 10 days already since last blog? Yes it has! As my gorgeous and sexy hunk of a man pointed out, i need to update my blog!!!

Well here we go, what has happened over last 10 days of my life! When last we spoke I was ill from work and it was not a pretty sight!!! Finally got over that with soime TLC from a special someone ;-) (and before you ask Paul yes it was you!)

Came back to work on monday 4th to a new team leader. Hes a great guy and approachable, and seems to listen. It took a couple of days for my return to work but was only 5 minutes as my absense didnt affect my percentage stats. (He also recommended that when off ill then dont try struffling back in if y ou end up going back off as will be better if you stay at home until better, would look better on stats etc!) Kind advice!

Also on the wednesday finally rushed down to put my house on the market. Had to spend over 30 minuutes cleaning the kitchen of all the dirt, fag ends, fag packets and stuff the builders left behind. Used a whole kitchen roll doing it, was a killer! Then showed a gentleman from Peter allan arfound and also a nice young man (with slight american accent) around as well.

Next day was called by peter alan to say that someone has offered the full aksing price! YAY! Can now use the extra money to pay for as much of wedding as can, see if can reserve the DIsleyland hotel in paris for our honey mooon (not the whole hotel mind!). Also buy a new bath, and cooker/stove for kitchen. Then see what happens.

Was off on Friday, unfortunately instead of being able to run around sorting out a few things, my beloved had let slip to my annoying Ex that i was off and he asked to call around as he has yet again managed to do something to his computer and buggered it up somehow!

So from 12 till 3 was up to elbows in layers of dust so big that wasnt so much bunnies as were-rabbits! Finally had to cobvble his 2 computers together and reformat the drive for him. Hope to god or whoever is listening that its a while before have to deak with that again. Was hoping he would take the hint when i never answered his sarcatic texts about me being to busy to bother with him, and not contact me again! But there we go, he must have realised that i can cope and live without him at all (why wouldnt I? I have the most wonderful boyfriend anyone can ask for!), and that he has noone really.

Anyway thats friday daytime, then in evening went out for team meal in cardiff, and what a bloody event it was trying to get into cardiff, spent 35 minutes across the road waiting for bus (dont know what is supposed to happen after 6pm as they have taken down the timetables!), then after Paul rescues me from boredom he drops me iff one stop from cardiff at Heath High Level, and lo and behold, the train I was intending to get isnt running, its now 31 minutes till next train. I finally get to the meal at 8.46, a full 46 minutes late, and an hour after i said i could meet up with them!

At least i spent 2 hours having fun then headed back, Met Paul at a Drama Group friend of his, the lovely Kay and family. Where we spent about a nother hour chatting away before we forced ourselves to leave in order to get a good night sleep ready for the days journey Saturday.

That was my evbentful week last week :-). Will update again a little later with the weekends event :-), bet you cant wait!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Well you would have thought that being off for 2 days ill would have given me plenty of time to update this but no! Being at home gives me plenty of time to sort stuff out (ie. catching up on making my DVD's and watching stufff ive been trying to for ages and never had time). This included catching up with the latest episodes of stargate sg-1 and Atlantis, this being the final season of SG-1 as far as we are aware at the moment. At least I will have Atlantis to keep me going :-) despite the fact that Paul isnt in the slightest bit interested in watching either with me (doesnt know what he is missing).

Yeah as Pauls blog mentions, ive been exploding out of both ends yesterday and aches likes hell today, it was not nice, although being woken at 6.30 this morning because someone was extremely randy and decided that he wanted me inside him for a while was nothing to complain about.

The most frank and tender conversation between Paul and myself happened last night (even more than previous ones), and the light of my life was scared of telling me that he had been with others before we had properly decided to get together. I saw how scared he felt in his eyes as he thought that I would be upset. How could i be? We have been open and honest to each other and promised we always would, and him telling me this just showed how much he loved me and how much more I love him, if that were possible.

We aso cleared the air about a few other things as well, especially his feelings on how my ex treated me etc. And have to confess that am glad he told me this as was worried how my friendship with my ex was possibly interferrig with my current relationship. To be totally honest, I would not be too upset at not being in touch with my ex again with what he put me through over all those years, and there is more I could tell Paul of what I went through, and he heard a bit more last night.

Paul is my world ad will not let anything come between us, nothing is more important!!

And we have received the 14 day Disney Florida park tickets, how much more exciting can things get?